Patrik Diethelm Speed
Patrik Diethelm Speed
Patrik Diethelm Speed

In the past couple years Speed had a big impact in windsurf history. With the Luderitz canal in Namibia the overall speed times just rised by about 5 knots. At the last record attempt Patrik scored the best result of the event with a time of 51.18 Knots. Even he didn’t break the world record his most surprising result was when he sailed 48.77 knots in marginal wind conditions of 25-30 knots windspeed with a 6.3 sail size.

Patrik: “Just for a test purpose I borowed a 6.3 from an other rider and almost wasnt able to start in this light wind. After getting on the board I was already happy making the first corner and thought I might need to pump to make it to the end.

The run was rather boring and I was happy to have made troughout the run without stopping. After checking out the speed time I first thought it was a mistake but the time was checked several times and there is no mistake. Ever since I have bright ideas how to design faster equipment and I will not rest and be again a part of the next Luderitz Challenge”
Available now in two constructions:

GBM: Deck: Biax Carbon, Bottom: U.D. Carbon with Low Flex and Medium Torsion 

GET: Deck: Biax Carbon, Bottom: Fiberglass with High Flex and Low Torsion

PATRIK speed: If you also want to have a historical moment in your windsurf memory don’t wait – get one of our speed boards and make your way to the history.


Board Volume
Construction Rec. Sail Size
Speed 39 51 227.5 39.5 GBM/GET 3.5 - 6.3
Speed 43 61 228 43 GBM/GET 4.0 - 6.8
Speed 48 71 229 48 GBM/GET 4.5 - 7.3
Speed 53 81 230 53 GBM/GET 5.0 - 7.8


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