Patrik Diethelm Slalom
Patrik Diethelm Slalom
Patrik Diethelm Slalom

How is it possible to change shapes every year and claim that they are always better? Unbelievable but true PATRIK has some basic shapes which have only changed slightly over the past 5 years wheras some other sizes completely changed 3 times during the same period. As a shaper and competitor Patrik definitely doesn’t want to miss out to produce and register the best shape possible but with his experience in racing and equipment tuning he also teaches others to keep a good setup once you are happy with it.

Learn from it more every time you go sailing and refine it into the last detail. This is the way to become a unit with your equipment where you can totaly focus on the race and eliminate any surprises. It is a fact that all sizes in our range have solid long term proofen shapes which outperformed and killed many new ideas and prototypes.

All boards and sizes in both constructions are HYDROFOIL ready.

GBM: Low Flex / Medium Torsion , Deck: Biax Carbon, Bottom: U.D. Carbon

GET: High Flex / Low Torsion , Deck: Biax Carbon, Bottom: Fiberglass

PATRIK slalom: You cant go wrong – get it, sail it, trim it and dominate with it!


Board Volume
Construction Rec. Sail Size
Slalom 87 v3 87 237 57 GET/GBM 4.0 - 7.0
Slalom 92 v3 92 233.5 59.5 GET/GBM 5.0 - 7.3
Slalom 95 95 231 62.2 GET/GBM 5.5 - 7.8
Slalom 110 v3 110 233 68 GET/GBM 6.0 - 8.2
Slalom 115 v4 115 234 70 GET/GBM 6.2 - 8.6
Slalom 125  125 230.5 77.5 GET/GBM 7.0 - 9.0
Slalom 130 130 229 81 GET/GBM 7.0 - 9.5
Slalom 140 140 229 85 GET/GBM 7.5 - 10.0


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