Loft Sails Switchblade 2018



Generated from the successful 2017 edition, the new Switchblade 2018 leads the field again by taking it to the next level of performance in free ride sailing. Renowned for having the widest range of its class, the Switchblade transforms from a low-end powerhouse to a top-end racing weapon thanks to its wide tuning range. For 2018 Loftsails introduces two Switchblades: SWITCHBLADE HD: ultimate longevity and reduced weight- full xply: 5-mil biaxial luff and foot panels, 4-mil biax window panels, and 3.5-mil biax body panels. SWITCHBLADE: 5-mil biaxial luff and foot panels, 5-mil mono window and 4- mil bi-ply body panels. The Switchblade 2018 is tuned race elasticity that one can feel.

SIZES available: 5.0 5.8 6.3 6.8 7.3 7.8 8.5 9.3

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