Patrik Diethelm AirStyle
Patrik Diethelm F-Style
Patrik Diethelm F-Style

It is done and as promised, we only change a shape when the successor is really better. We are now ready to launch a whole new board concept with plenty of changes!

New shape curves and theirs combinations allowed us to develop a much shorter board, which still gained in overall performance. If you know Patrik’s shapes you will probably not doubt the general performance like planing, acceleration, speed, pop and slide. But the new blend with a length of only 222 cm truly opens new dimensions on the water and in the air.

Well, that sounds like a dream but when you ride along for the first time you will understand the difference and latest after you launched into the first power move, you will loose your mind and start thinking about possible new moves and combinations.

Available in two constructions:

GET: High Flex / Low Torsion Deck: Biax Carbon, Bottom: Fibreglass

GBM: Medium Flex / Medium Torsion Deck & Bottom: Carbon/Kevlar


PATRIK f-style: The most creative surfer with the most creative shapes will discover new limits.

Board Volume
Construction Rec. Sail Size
AirStyle 85 85 222 58 GBM/GET 3.5 - 5.5
AirStyle 93 93 222 60.7 GBM/GET 3.0 - 6.0
AirStyle 101 101 222 63.7 GBM/GET 4.0 - 6.5
AirStyle 109 109 224 67.5 GBM/GET  4.5 - 7.0


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