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AL360 Ε3 Aluminium Monocoque

AL360 Ε3 Aluminium Monocoque 24%: 205,00 €
AL360 Ε3 Aluminium Monocoque
AL360 Ε3 Alumium Monocoque

Booms in monocoque costruction in 7075 alloy and ergonomic curve. The monolithic costruction is a goal to be achieved for all brand in the world of windsurf. but i1 this moment only AL360 managed to archive such goal, thanks to their experience in 35 years in the enginnering industry precision and through investment made in new technologies for the deformation of the tube. not an easy undertaking with geat carbon model. the diameter of the tube costant throughout the development boom, from the handle to the terminal, no cutter, swelling of the tube In handle area, making it the passage of fluid exchange in the hand of the walls during  operation. The absence of tube inserted between the curve handle and avoid the boom that over time create games with the consequences of leaks that lead to corrosion. The monolithic costruction also provides increased rigidity to the boom, the use of smail diameter of the tube gives exceptional comfort.

Range Target Size Diameter Curve
Mono erg 140  wave  140-190 28 39
Mono erg 150 wave  150-200 28 39
Mono erg 160  freewave 160-210 29 41
Mono erg 170 freestyle 170-220 29 42